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    From voiceover work to full music production; short films and music videos; comprehensive still photography and art design; Abydos Productions is ready to serve and surpass the needs of all of your creative endeavors and provide a launching pad for artists wishing to take their efforts to the next level.

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    Abydos Records

    Led by a management and production team with over four decades of professional industry experience, Abydos Records is a label intended to represent promising new artists in a way other organizations cannot: Keeping the artist’s creative ambitions at the highest priority and letting the financial elements serve as a fuel to its flame rather than the ultimate reward. Artists signing with the label have access to all of Abydos’ leading resources and expertise to deliver them the best overall package possible and help drive their career in the right direction.

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    Abydos Studios


    With experience in production, tracking, mixing, mastering, digital and physical distribution, promotion, marketing, and editing, Abydos Studios is the perfect space to build your individual project. Equipped with the latest in digital state-of-the-art technologies and engineers with years of both live and studio production experience, the audio and visual recording studios are the best the area has to offer – and available at a rate all artists can afford.


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    Abydos Films


    Driven by the foundations of Hollywood, but incorporating a work ethic and devotion that few offer on either the west or east coasts, Abydos Films is an all-inclusive video production company. Whether you are looking for a music video to accompany your single or a short film to penetrate the festival circuit, the visual range covered by the organization is vast in scale. More importantly, each project – no matter how small – is thoroughly treated with the mind and meticulousness that is to be expected from the largest of cinematic productions.


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    Paying particular attention to a need of all artists, Abydos Impressions is a broad-spectrum photography studio designed to provide the perfect public image to express an artist and/or project. Headshots, portrait photography, fashion photography, scene and landscape photography, live concert and event photography are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our tremendous still portfolio. The eye for critical scene-setting and exhaustive graphic art experience put Abydos at a level no other art studios can compare to.


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  • Meet The Staff

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    Jeffrey A. McConocha

    Founder, Managing Member, Producer, Engineer

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    Brandon D. Goldstein

    Member, Producer, Engineer, Live Sound Specialist, Touring Manager

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    Joe Alven

    Member, Abydos Impressions Manager, Photographer

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    Mike Campanizzi

    Manager Abydos Films, Director, Screenwriter, Editor

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    Dan Watkins

    Music Director

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    Grace Alven

    Production Assistant

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    Chris Strnad


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